Who remembers going through pages of a toy catalog right before the holiday season with a red marker in hand? The joy of seeing all the toys and gadgets on crisp pages and circling the gifts we wish to get is hard to forget.

With the digital advertising age we are in you would almost expect this tradition to fade away, but even the biggest online retailers (Amazon, REI, Walmart, Dick Sporting Goods and more) continue to print and mail their catalogs and advertisements. Why? Because even though some may think that direct mail is a dead form of advertising, it is very much alive and well. It is proven that direct mail has one of the highest ROI’s in the advertising world and more often than not it improves the ROI of other ways of advertising (TV, radio, online, social media) that you would be running at the same time. If you think about the amount of junk emails you get in a week you would agree that you are more likely to thumb through a magazine or a catalog than scroll through your junk emails one at a time. Compared to years ago you get a fraction of the junk mail you used to receive.

It is time for business owners to start taking advantage of direct mail again. Be creative with your approach and choose your mailing distribution with your perfect customer in mind.

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