Yeah, I know… you’re thinking, ‘Jill, it’s barely September, why are you writing about marketing tips for the holidays?’

Well, as with any seasoned Black Friday shopper would say, it’s all about the plan & preparation to be the most effective in getting what you want.

I’m not a Black Friday shopper, but I know preparing NOW is everything to having a successful marketing campaign for the holidays.

Here are 5 Quick Tips for Holiday Marketing that will help you begin to craft your ideas & strategies for securing great success this year.


Know your demographic and time your ads and discounts accordingly. Women begin their holiday shopping in October & November.Men tend to wait to the last minute, so structure your ads accordingly. Look for ways to capture and engage both at the right time!


Who doesn’t LOVE Free shipping?!?! Free shipping & discount offers are the two of the most popular and successful ways in capturing many holiday shoppers…especially those that have (and stick to) a budget. They want their money to go farther and will shop were the great deals are found and often times will spend more of their budget buying for multiple people there (meaning the brick and mortar or online — whoever has the BEST deals). Get them in the doors by offering aggressive discounts. Don’t let your competition beat you out!


Put yourself FIRST in front of consumers and be there consistently. Lock in your consumer by creating top-of-mind awareness and create a plan that will help you reach your audience in various forms; for example: print + social media are best buds in creating solid marketing campaigns. Not sure how to best use mixed media for advertising campaigns? Ask an expert (insert coughing sound while pointing to my “Send A Message” button)


Who doesn’t like a little something for themselves every now and then? Many consumers pick out items for others that they would love to have themselves. (One piece of advice, never buy your wife a potato cutter for her birthday. I doubt you or her want that as a gift).

Reward them with special offers to gift themselves their favorite products, too!

5. CREATE URGENCY: (Don’t hide from it – start the revolution)
No one wants to miss out on killer deals for the holidays. If you pair your most-aggressive offers with “Limited Time Only” – “First 20 Customers Will Receive Additional $10 OFF Total Purchase Of Purchase $150 Or More With Coupon” — be creative in how you want to create the urgency. Why do you think so many people wait HOURS (sometimes days) for the first shopping hours of the deeper discounts on Black Friday? The urgency created gives those who are the “shopping-competitive” the extra nudge to ACT NOW! (And boy do they respond!!)

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