Social Media Vs Print – The Debate on Effectiveness

There is no doubt that this world is becoming increasingly reliant on technology and connecting through social media sites. These sites have rekindled long-lost friends, family members and provided a way for some businesses to reach consumers and connect with them personally.

While there are many pros to social media there are dozens of sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Google +, tumblr, etc) and many more that grow in popularity – how do you know which source is best and most effective for you? Which one has your perfect target market, when are they on the site, what are they doing, how will your ad be measured and what will it bring to your business?

Just know that the Web sites that are popular today, will be the old sites of tomorrow with how quickly social media changes. How will you constantly stay on target with the trends and making sure you engage with your targeted consumer?

And…do you have the time to facilitate each of these platforms and the knowledge to do so effectively while running the other day-to-day operations of your business?

The basics of print advertising provides a consistent, measurable results and allows your customer a tangible product to connect to and when your ad includes an offer from your it draws them into your business. This invites the opportunity for you to connect with them, provide excellent service and create that person-to-person relationship that can’t be found through any of the social media platforms.

Forget about what business-guru on national radio shows are saying (in part due to paid sponsorship) about how you should reach out to your customer-base. You know your business better than them, right?!

Think about your customer:

What services do you provide for them?

Where are they located?

How are they best reached?

What message do you want to share with them?

How will they be motivated to call or come to you over your competitor?

What will they gain from being your customer?

Your customers are your greatest investments. How do you look to grow your investments?

Everyone has a mailbox. Many people are looking for your services and products, you just have to tell them to come to you!

Jill Hunt – Affiliate Publisher | Buddy Mail Advertising