When you think of marketing strategies, direct mail probably isn’t top of the list… but then why does Google depend on direct mail to attract new advertisers?

Google spends hundreds of millions of dollars on their advertising every year because they know that marketing works!

But here’s what’s interesting…

Why doesn’t Google just run its own Google Ads to generate more ads revenue? Why do they use direct mail?

Here’s why: Google knows consumers are bombarded by the internet.

The U.S Postal Service published a report that reveals its research on how people respond to physical mail.

The details:

  • When viewing physical ads, participants had a stronger emotional response and remembered them better.

  • Physical ads, though slower to get one’s attention at first exposure, leave a longer lasting impact for easy recall when making a purchase decision.

  • Most importantly, physical ads triggered activity in the area of the brain (ventral striatum) that is responsible for value and desirability for featured products, which can signal a greater intent to purchase.

People remember your content better when it’s physical.

To effectively reach new business owners to buy Google Ads from them, Google uses direct mail postcards. By sending direct mail to business owners, Google entices prospects to run Google Ads campaigns.

Here’s a sample direct mail piece Google has used:

Direct mail works!

The best thing you can do to grow your business is combine your digital strategy with direct mail advertising.

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