What Will Your 4th Quarter Look Like?

We’re headed into the final quarter of 2020, it’s time you push the gas on your advertising to get the most out of this year.

1. McDonald’s vs Burger King: During the 2008 recession, McDonald’s sales increased over 18% in the same period that Burger King LOST over 31%. WHY? McDonald’s doubled down on their advertising spend.
They did not pull back, which is the biggest mistake a business can make.
They purchased even more advertising spots and pushed their brand in front of consumers as well as introducing the Dollar Menu which are similar tactics used by brands that not only survived but thrived during the Great Depression. All of this additional advertising has propelled them as the front runner in hamburger sales with all their competition always playing catch up.

2. Take A Page from the Great Depression. “Companies who not only survived but did well and grew during the Great Depression are those who continued to act as though there was nothing wrong and that the public had money to spend.  In other words, they advertised.  These are industries who didn’t wait for public demand for their products to rise, they created that demand even during the most difficult of times.  Because so many companies cut spending during that era, advertising budgets were largely eliminated in many industries.

Both anecdotal and empirical evidence support the case that advertising was the main factor in the growth or downfall of companies during those years.  To put it bluntly, the companies which demonstrated the most growth and which rang up the most sales were those which advertised heavily.” (Source: ChamberOrganizer.com)

3. October Kicks Off Holiday Spending! Over 39% of consumers start their holiday shopping BEFORE November!
It is also a time for homeowners to do those projects they’ve put off during the HOT summer months and need to get done prior to the holidays. This is why our October edition is themed “Fall Home & Garden.” Consumers are focused on their homes, going out and spending, preparing for the holiday season, cooler temps and doing what Southern Utah continues to do in these unprecedented times — SPEND!

Question is… will they be spending with YOU or your COMPETITION?

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